The fashion market changes all the time, just look at photographs and movies from other times and observe how each moment brings your look. Just as stylists transform, create, dare and set trends, hairdressers also update and diversify their services to satisfy their customers.

In the 50s, women used the setting spray (the famous hairspray) to keep the forelock intact; this fashion continued in the next decade, the time of curlers and hairspray, which was the sales leader in the mid-60s. In the early '70s, hairspray ended as there were changes in women's hairstyles; long, straight, and natural-looking hair was the new wave because the world was changing and raising the flag of freedom, whereas a tidy hair did not represent the youth of the time.

There is a constant transformation in the way societies do their hairstyles. Currently, men and women seek professionals who deal with hair for several reasons, some because they need to improve their self-esteem and others because they want to change their looks.

For whatever reason, the beauty segment has been growing every year; megahair has been much sought after in this sector. Before, it was a secret procedure; people did it secretly, perhaps out of prejudice or to avoid the embarrassment of revealing their concern with aesthetics to others.

Adopted by several celebrities, and exposed in the media by influencers, today, the hair extension attracts not only the female audience but also the male.

So it is a very profitable market. But it is important to qualify to work with hair extensions. The hairstylist has several moments with the client:

  • In the application of hair extension;
  • In the maintenance of your hair extension;
  • When removing the capillary extension;
  • In care after megahair removal.

Therefore, it is a procedure that brings the client back to the salon. Some estimates say that gains can increase by up to 40% with the introduction of this procedure in beauty salons.

The average hair extension application varies from $200 to $1,500, depending on the technique used in the hair extension application. 

Another way to add profits with the hair extension procedure is with cuts, chemistry, and coloring because it is possible to work with hair extensions, straightening, coloring, and bleaching, but it is necessary that the professional has experience in these procedures and can guide the client about the care they should have with their hair.

This is one of the reasons why megahair should be done by a trained professional because there are many products, techniques, and precautions that the professional has to deal with when working with hair extensions.

It is a time-consuming procedure requiring specialized knowledge in customer safety application techniques. The qualified professional will decide which thread will be used and which technique will be applied for each client. It is also a personalized service. In addition, this qualified professional can dare and customize the hair extension, further individualizing each client.

Just like women, men today are also concerned about their hair, so working in this field can be very profitable. Before, due to the fact that people hide that they had stretched or increased their hair, those who wore hair extensions were looking for a procedure that seemed visually natural. The techniques were improved and, today, make the finish more beautiful and much more natural.

However, in today's society, not everyone has this concern; some people, especially artists, often use megahair to compose a character and do not seek naturalness but exuberance and style.

Selling hair is a profitable trade; in addition to charging for the product, you can also charge for the application and all the procedures we have already illustrated in this article.

For these reasons, if you enjoy working in this field, hair extension is a very profitable way.

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