There are several reasons for people to look for hair extensions, like a disease,  stress, genetic, hormonal issues, aesthetics or even the requirement of their profession, in this case, artists are included.

Hair extension consists of inserting strands of human (real) or synthetic (artificial) hair to fill or lengthen the hair.

The points to note are:

  • What is your client's budget?
  • How is your client's hair currently?
  • What is your client's availability?
  • What is your client's lifestyle?
  • What is your client's goal?
  • How is maintenance done?

The self-esteem of many people can be affected when hair is lost and there are many reasons for total or partial baldness, it can be caused by alopecia or chemotherapy treatments and for these cases a technique called full lace can be used. It consists of weaving thread by thread manually and fully covering a tulle (lace). It is glued to the head and lasts from seven days to a month.

There are different ways to apply hair extension, serving different purposes and according to the need or circumstance you can choose one or another hair extension technique:

  • Clip-in Extensions - these are snap-in extensions, the wires are attached to a clip, it is easy to apply, the person can put them on, remove them or replace them. You can guide clients in choosing this technique if they want something more temporary. It has very affordable values;
  • Tape-in ​​Extensions - the extension uses tape or hair-specific glue and is applied as a sandwich. It is quick to apply and suitable for people with straight, straightened or wavy hair. It takes around 20 minutes to apply and has the advantage of not damaging the hair. This extension does not bother, is light, provides a very natural look and allows you to make hairstyles. Suitable for many people, except for those with curly hair;
  • Keratin Tips - takes 35 minutes to apply, this extension uses a keratin glue that does not harm natural hair. Widely used by artists, it requires quarterly maintenance. Avoid using hair dryers and flat irons, as the heat can melt the glue. It has a higher value compared to other techniques;
  • Wefts - the extension is applied by sewing, braiding the natural hair and weaving the extensions into these braids with thread. It does not damage the hair, suitable for any type of hair, straight and curly, for people with short hair and for those with allergies, as it does not use chemical products. It provides a very natural effect. It has an average price.

Care should be the same as with natural hair, such as hydration and nutrition.

Therefore, your role in indicating the best method and recommending post-application treatments is essential.

Being able to transform someone's look, making their dream come true is a privilege. Be as honest with your client as possible and you'll do a great job!

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