There are several hair stretching techniques that provide the most beautiful looks and it has already become a fever among celebrities and their fans. Many of these procedures are well known and used by people who want an incredible image.


Reading the latest news on hair extensions, we noticed that there are two big news in the world of hair extensions.

Sunkissed hair - literally means "kissed by the sun" that is, it's like the person spent hours on the beach, there are lights at the ends of the hair, as if it had been burned on a sunny day, it's a more natural style. This trend has already conquered many celebrities, including: Meghan Markle and Jennifer Lopez. It is the perfect combination of two processes that make the hair magnificent: hair extension dyeing with the sunkissed hair trend.

Filling in the ends - this trend is for those who cannot let their hair grow as a whole, leaving the ends thin. It's a quick procedure, with a smaller investment than hair extensions, as they use locks of hair, in an application that leaves the strands very natural and doesn't clash with the original hair.


It can be seen from the latest news that hair extension remains on the rise and the news that is being linked can confirm:

  • The starting players of the Houston Astros (a Texas baseball league team): Framber Valdez and Luis Garcia completed their hairstyles with hair extensions as a way of expressing their individuality;
  • That Hilary Duff likes to change up her look is very clear, however, now she has adhered to probably the longest hair she has ever worn, was the hairdresser of Los Angeles - Nikki Lee is responsible for the enormous hair that falls to her waist, like a golden waterfall;
  • Another who opted for long mermaid hair is actress Ashley Benson, at age 30, she changed her short hair for a waist-length hair extension, in a beach blonde hue, highlighting her blue eyes;
  • Actress Michelle Keegan is rarely seen without her perfect hairstyles, which are the subject of envy. Hair extensions are the secret to her voluminous hair, which she sometimes leaves in a huge bun or lets the long strands loose;
  • Many celebrities have joined the rapunzel effect, that is, super long hair. Whether on the catwalk or on the covers of magazines, some celebrities were responsible for the super long hair trend, including: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

There is no doubt that hair extension is a trend that has been consolidating especially in the artistic world, due to the fact that celebrities are constantly changing their look and, often, undergoing procedures that can damage the hair, leading to loss of volume and length of the hair, so hair extensions have been the aesthetic solution adopted by artists and imitated by their fans, as the result is incredible and allows for great transformations quickly.

Every hairdresser who specializes in hair extension has a promising path to make their business prosper, as this is a trend that is gaining more and more followers.

Do you remember another current big hair extension news? Share with us in the comments below!

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  • I love Queen Beyonce’s hair extensions.

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