The hair frames the face and the different bangs can create different looks, it can rejuvenate or offer a modern look.

A good professional has the ability to provide multiple services in her salon and, in addition to the many advantages that hair extension adds to his business, the possibility of being able to transform the look of customers just by adding a bang, is a differential in this competitive market.


In order to choose the ideal bang for the customers in her salon, the hairdresser tries to match the type of face with the bang hair extension, that is:

  1. Short bangs (it ends in the middle of the forehead, above the eyebrow) - it suits small and oval faces;
  2. Diagonal bangs (it is longer on one side than the other, up to the nose) - ideal for people with larger, square or round faces and high cheekbones, as it helps to disguise these bulges;
  3. Long bangs (longer on the sides, reaching the height of the lips) - harmonizes the round or triangular and small face;
  4. Straight bangs - (it's a straight line close to the eyes) - offers depth to the eyes and, due to its symmetry, it matches different face shapes, especially those with more delicate features;
  5. Round bangs (longer on the side and short in the middle, forming a semicircle) - for long, oval faces.

Therefore, the long face goes well with different types of bangs, especially the voluminous and straight ones, the triangular face looks good with frayed and light bangs, the oval face is the most versatile, because it looks harmonious with all shapes of bangs.

The care you must take with your bangs is the same as with the rest of your hair or hair extension, that is: you must comb it correctly, moisturize it, nourish it and carry out periodic maintenance.

Often, to keep the bang in the desired shape, it is necessary to use a hairdryer or flat iron and leave it clean (avoiding the oiliness that makes the fringe heavy), especially if it is a human hair extension.

It is very often that people say they are afraid to cut or put on a fringe, believing that it might not match their face, however, there are those who look more beautiful with bangs than without them.

Therefore, the professional who has experience and great knowledge, can correctly analyze the shape of the face and understand which type of bangs harmonizes with your client's.

An important point that the professional should keep in mind is: keep a conversation with the client, in order to understand what she wants, to offer the fringe extension options that can match her face. Only then will your customers be satisfied.

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  • I love that hair bangs are super trendy

    Anna G.
  • Bangs are on trend, my customers always ask.


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