What professionals answer about hair extensions:

1. Is there a better hair extension technique?

According to professionals, the best technique is the one that does not pose any risk of damaging the natural strands. An example is the application of an American stitch that fixes the natural locks through delicate points; it is well indicated, as it does not cause aggression to the natural thread or the scalp.

2. How to choose the type of hair to use in the extension?

Choose procedures that use natural hair. Consider the characteristics of each client. Buy a longer length if your hair is wavy or curly to reach the desired height.

3. How much hair should you buy?

The hair extension specialist is the most suitable person to determine the amount that will be used in your hair extension. However, an average amount can be estimated for:

Stretching the entire head - 250-300 grams of hair

Half-head stretching - 150-200 grams of hair

Quarterly maintenance - 50-100 grams of hair

However, the amount depends on the volume, length, and type of stretch.

4. Does hair extension damage the original hair and scalp?

Some techniques do, especially at the time of removal, as they can be ripped off, spoiled by products such as solvents, and have mold on the attachment points.

5. When is hair extension indicated?

In several cases:

When you want volume and length without having to wait for natural growth

When you have short hair or very thin hair, it can affect self-esteem

When you want to make a change in look

When you want to have a style, build a character (especially in the case of artists)

6. How are hair extensions applied?

There are many stretching techniques, such as keratin, microlink, and Italian knot, among many others. Professionals will be responsible for indicating and applying the extensions.

7. Are natural hair extensions better than synthetic ones?

Natural hair extensions guarantee a more natural result and allow you to do all the procedures that are done on original hair, such as dyeing, curling, and drying.

8. Should the placement of hair extensions always be placed by professionals?

You can apply some techniques, such as the tic tac, but the idea is that specialist professionals do the stretching. 

9. How should hair extensions be taken care of?

As natural hair is taken care of, some techniques need special care when drying and combing so as not to damage the application. Some types of shampoos are more suitable than others, and professionals highly recommend hydration.

10. How long does hair extension last?

Maintenance should be done every 2-3 months, but it depends on how your hair grows and how it grows.

You must have some good practices when you want a hair extension, both in application and maintenance. Therefore, you should look for a good professional you trust who will use your techniques efficiently and guide your clients concerning the care of their extensions.

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