Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, practically all events were postponed and now the year 2022 is being marked by the resumption of celebrations, friends and family reunited and the world economy reheated, especially due to the resumption of festive events, which move not only directly linked sectors, but many other commercial spheres.

Weddings, graduations, birthdays and other events have returned to be part of people's social lives and looking stunning in these episodes is the wish of the guests, especially the guests.

Hair along with makeup and jewelry are crucial elements for a good presentation in these events and to compose a harmonious look with the costume.

There are several reasons why people choose to wear hair extensions:

  • To change the appearance, especially for those women who do not have a large volume of hair or who, due to some illness, have had great hair loss and often have a lowered self-esteem;

  • To assemble a character, especially actresses who need to be constantly transforming their look to play different roles in soap operas, films or plays and compose characters according to their personality;

  • For the mannequins and models who abuse hairstyles in major fashion shows and need to design images that are consistent with the trends they dictate and the innovative styles they present.

The fact is that a hair extension quickly transforms a look, especially for a festive event, where long and voluminous hair is often highly recommended.

Long hair is the one that most allows you to assemble elaborate hairstyles, suitable for debutante parties, weddings or graduations. For this, hair extensions are very useful.

1. At the wedding - the bride's hairstyle is what complements the ensemble (wedding dress, accessories and makeup). It can be fastened, all loose, with braids, long straight or curly. Each hairstyle matches a type of dress.

  • Classic brides prefer hair tied with tiaras or veils, while the most modern and contemporary ones prefer to leave the locks loose, long or curly;

  • Bridesmaids can benefit from hair extensions as sometimes they need to match dresses, makeup and hairstyles and thus they can look similar, composing the outfit with similar hairstyles;

  • Guests with short hair or without volume can look exuberant at the party, using hair extensions.
2. At the debutante ball - there are several hairstyles that will brighten the moment:
  • For straight hair - braids are widely used, hair extensions allow you to make different braids (built-in, side or on top of the head) mixed with loose hair, adorned with shiny pieces or flowers;

  • For curly hair - the long loose or partially loose locks also adorned with flowers and tiaras make up a look.
3. At graduation - the trainees benefit from hair extensions, their long hair brightens their night and allows for countless hairstyles, whether straight, curly or curly, tied in a ponytail or down the back, with braids of all models, or small cokes. Always adorning them with glittering tiaras, flowers and decorated combs.

As you have seen, there are many hairstyle options for those who have long and voluminous hair and also for those who do not, as the hair extension solves this problem. Whether the main star, protagonist or not of the event, the hairstyles that we indicate will leave you very chic and sophisticated in any occasion. Choose hairstyles that match your style. And have fun!

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