To clarify the doubts of people looking for a professional specialist in hair extension, we present this question and answer article.

1. If your client has a lot of hair, can she put a few strands of hair extension?
R. No, if she puts little hair on, it won't look good, because the fuller and more voluminous the hair, more extensions will be needed.

2. Should the color of the hair extension be similar to the color of the hair root that will receive this extension?
R. No, usually the part closest to the root is darker than the tips. The color of the hair extension should match the color of the ends of the hair (one or two tones lighter than the roots).

3. Can anyone apply hair extensions?
R. There are some hair extensions that are very easy to put on, however, to obtain natural results, an experienced professional is essential, as she has tricks to mix the extension with your own hair, giving it a natural look.

4. Can mega hair accentuate hair loss?
R. If it is placed by qualified professionals, if maintenance and hydration procedures are carried out, the answer is no.

5. Does hair extension make natural hair grow faster?
R. The weight and traction of the hair extension on natural strands does not change growth, it does not encourage them to grow faster, in fact, if the hair is fragile, this extra tension can even cause it to break or fall out.

6. How often should maintenance be done?
R. It depends on hair growth, in general, mega hair maintenance occurs every 3 months.

7. Can hair extensions be dyed or brushed?
R. Yes, but look for a qualified professional.

8. Dryer and flat iron, can it also be done?
R. Yes, but it is important that the professional avoids applying heat to the joints of the locks.

9. Is it possible to notice that a person is using capillary stretching?
R. No, as long as it is applied by a competent professional and that she leaves the fixing points well hidden.

10. Can the hair extension be washed like natural hair?
R. Yes, no problem about it.

11. Who has hair extension, can swim in the sea, pool and play sports?
R. Yes, there are no restrictions, just some basic care is needed, such as hydration and brushing.

12. What is the minimum length of hair that allows the application of hair extensions?
R. In general, 3 fingers of hair are enough, as the mega hair is applied 2 centimeters from the root.

13. Why is human hair preferable to synthetic hair?
R. Mainly, because it looks much more natural and embarrasses less.

14. How long does it take to apply the capillary extension?
R. It depends on the amount of hair that will be applied, but it usually takes 4 to 7 hours.

15. Can the hair extension be reused after removal?
R. Yes, depending on how it was removed and how you will store it.

16. Can any type of hair receive hair extensions?
R. Yes, the applique adapts to any type of hair: curly, straight or wavy.

17. How to keep the capillary lengthening beautiful for longer?
R. Some precautions must be taken, such as: not sleeping with wet hair, washing whenever you feel the need, detangling, brushing in the right way (and with the right brush), moisturizing and other precautions taught by hairdressers.

18. When buying hair extensions, how do you know if the hair is human or not?
R. Look for specialized places with good references, exchange information and knowledge with other professionals in the field.

19. How many grams of hair are applied to the head?
R. There is no exact amount, but generally between 150 and 300 grams is used and it depends on the type and size of hair.


We hope that many questions have been answered. We remain at your disposal for any further clarification. Get in touch through our website!


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