When a new year begins, there is a desire to make changes in many ways. We are now entering the fourth month of the year, but there is still time to make changes that raise self-esteem.

Both natural hair and hair extensions (which visually are not distinguished from each other) follow the fashion dictated by beauty salon stylists.

The colors, hairstyles and cuts are in tune with the season, with the times and with the innovations (products and techniques) of the great hair specialists.

On the Catwalk - Spring 2023 Trends 

The trending looks of the year enter the runway:

1. Copper Brown - this luxurious shade is low maintenance, the stylist will add golden copper highlights over dark brown hair and lighten it up;

2. Long Bob - this style of haircut is on the rise, as it can be done on all types of hair (wavy, straight, or curly). In the front, the strands are longer and, when cut in layers, the hair gains texture and is easy to style;

3. Ash Blonde - this tone is really in fashion and looks splendid in very long and voluminous extensions;

4. Short Bangs - it's exploding in the salons. They are chic and very versatile;

5. Short Hair - for those who don't have volume, but don't like long hair, the hairdresser can apply volume with short extensions;

6. Gray - gained strength in the pandemic, this color can appear in locks, ombrè hair or toning all the hair and highlighting the colors of gray and silver hair.

There are many other trends, the important thing is to know how to advise clients about the types of cuts and shades that go with them, a good professional has the experience to make the right choice for each biotype.

Thus, the beauty of each one will be highlighted, increasing self-esteem.


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  • My clients are asking for pink hair extensions

  • Mis clientes piden mucho extensiones de pelo rosa.

  • Bond colors are also in trend!


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