There are more than 4 billion users on social media worldwide. That's why it's time for your salon to introduce itself in this universe and show how to transform a look, making it incredible, with your hair stretching work.

To survive in a competitive market, you need to be aware of new trends in your field and build an effective social media marketing strategy for audience acquisition and sales.

So let's introduce how to build a successful hair extension business on social media.


Social media are online channels that allow connection and relationship between users and sharing of content between them. These channels are important for businesses, as they allow communication with their audience.

Social media must be present in any digital marketing strategy and they appear in different formats on the internet, the most popular of which are:

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. These platforms created a new form of relationship between companies and customers, opening paths for interaction, bringing them closer together.

There are valuable tips on marketing strategies on social media to boost your salon’s results:

Right place - there are several social media, so you must choose the right place to post relevant content for your business and audience. You have to go meet your customer;

Quality content - offer value to your customers - different from the previous item, the entrepreneur does not go after the customer, he explores the channels offering content to be found. Demonstrate the advantages of each type of capillary application and the most suitable for each person. A strategy that fits this item is called Inbound Marketing, actions that attract a potential customer through personalized content and that bring excellent results to your salon;

Images - use media that values ​​them, such as Pinterest, Instagram, among others. Take good pictures that make it easy to visualize the quality of your hair extension work. Hair market images are powerful strategies to showcase the beauty of the finished application;

Tools - that evaluate the results of your actions on social media, use their resources to show your salon's routine;

Use a blog or website - it's a great place to showcase your specialties, skills and salon facilities. Also to make the posts and at the right time;

Communication - offer multiple communication contacts and easy access, for example: email, space to leave comments or direct the customer, for example, to: WhatsApp, FanPage on Facebook.

There is not just one strategy to optimize the results of your beauty salon and your hair extension work. There are several social networks at your disposal. It is important to carry out a good analysis, planning and choosing professionals capable of putting your work in evidence and in contact with your clients. You need to evaluate which social networks reach your target audience.

Do you know any salon owners? Share with them to optimize their business strategies!

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