Artists use hair extensions to compose a character and their fans are inspired by them, for having appreciated the look achieved with the hair extensions of their influencers. Thus, the hair extension market is on the rise: to change the look, to add volume and length to the hair or to improve self-esteem.

Do you have questions about hair extension applications? So stay with me, because I am going to answer some of the questions people have about hair extensions.

  1. You don't need to have any knowledge about the techniques to work with hair extensions.
    Myth. It is necessary to know a lot about all the techniques to not compromise the health of the wires. 

  2. It is not necessary to cut the natural hair to remove the mega hair.
    Truth. It is not necessary to cut the hair, but it is recommended that the removal be done by a professional, as each technique has a different application and removal process.

  3. Mega hair spoils natural hair.
    Myth. As like any hair procedure, everything will depend on how it is done, that is, if done by a serious professional in an appropriate environment, it will not damage your hair.

  4. Swimming in the pool or in the sea with the mega hair is allowed.
    Truth. It is only necessary to use Leave-in products and hair masks to keep your extensions hydrated and healthy.

  5. It is not possible to lengthen curly or frizzy hair.
    Myth. Anyone can have voluminous hair, just use the right technique and professional to apply the extension to curly hair.

  6. You can use a hair dryer or flat iron on hair extensions.
    Truth. As long as you take some precautions:
  • Do not pass the dryer and flat iron too close to the root, it is recommended to dry the hair with 10 to 15 cm from the junction point between the natural and applied wires;
  • And make the movement to dry or straighten in the same direction as your hair extension.

Therefore, anyone who is thinking about using hair extensions, can realize the dream of adding volume or lengthening their hair without fear. There are several techniques and many prices, so it is possible to get beautiful hair if you perform the procedure with a qualified professional. As all procedures evolve with time and practice, today, hair extension techniques bring more beautiful and comfortable results.

It can be for aesthetic reasons, to build an image, to improve self-esteem, to be inspired by your idol or to solve a hair problem, hair extensions take this place.

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