The Loop Brush is the ideal brush to use on hair extensions as it allows for easier brushing and is less likely to get tangled in the extension.

The bristles have this name - Loop, because it have a hollow drop shape, which prevents tangling and breaking the connections.

It's a brush with rounded bristles, this format avoids the risk of your bristles getting caught in the connections of the extensions and breaking these connections, causing the wires to fall out.

To keep the extension for much longer, to have no problem with hair fall or hair breakage, to have no difficulty combing the extension, you need to use a suitable brush.

The bristles of the Loop Brush are made of nylon and thus make the hairstyle smoother.

You should never use brushes that have balls at the tip of the bristles, because it gets tangled in the glue or microlink. If you use this type of brush on your client's hair, pass it only along the length, never at the root where the extensions are.

A good tip is to buy these brushes and sell its together with your service or even offer its as a gift, this will please your customers, because, often, the customer does not find or does not know how to buy the right brush.

If your clients are using semi-permanent extensions, teach them how to use the Loop Brush every morning and night before bed. For removable extensions, the ideal is to brush it before applying and also before putting it away.

Other advantages of this type of brush are:

  • You can use it on wet or dry extensions;
  • Prevents build-up of static electricity, reducing frizz.

So, if you have hair extension clients, use the Loop Brush or teach them how to use it to comb the strands of your extension and make it clear that this brush is absolutely indispensable in the daily routine of hair care with extensions. 

Buy the combo of hair extensions, Loop Brush and other accessories to complete your extension application service!

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  • I am a hairdresser and this is the best hair extension brush for sure!!!!


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