That hair extension is an option that gives more volume and length to the hair, which provides an incredible and beautiful look, people already know, but to keep that look longer it is necessary to take some care in everyday life.

Therefore, this article brings tips on how to take care of hair extensions and ensure that the strands remain healthy, looking natural and beautiful for longer.

That way, you will be able to teach your clients how to take care of hair extensions:

  1. The moment before applying the hair extension - place the hair extension with a professional and choose quality ones, human hair ones are more natural and offer a great result;

  2. The moment of application of the hair extension - it should not be placed too tight because it can cause hair loss (the same goes for other ways to tie the hair, such as the ponytail);

  3. The moment after the application of the capillary extension - avoid chemical procedures to avoid hair loss and weakening;

  4. When you go to sleep - this is the time to be very careful - use a silk pillowcase or a hat to protect the strands of the capillary extension from dryness and breakage, especially for those with curly or curly hair, it prevents frizz and maintains curls for longer. One should not sleep with wet or damp hair, in addition to proliferating fungi, it compromises the connections of the hair with the extension;

  5. The moment of washing - you need to pay attention to the scalp, as washing it can be a difficult action. If it gets oily use shampoos for oily hair. Regarding hair strands - if it's drier you can wash it every other day, but if it's oily you can wash it every day. Avoid products with alcohol, because they compromise the extensions;

  6. Moment of combing - separate the strands and comb each lock, slowly, combing from top to bottom, with brushes and combs with flexible bristles and without balls on the ends;

  7. Moment of drying - the heat of flat irons or dryers can compromise the durability of extensions. In order not to melt with the high temperature of the devices, care must be taken with the connection between the extension and the natural hair (often made with keratin), therefore, it is advisable to maintain a minimum distance of 15 centimeters between the junction and the flat iron or between the hair and the dryer jet;

  8. Moment of hydration and nutrition - the overlapping of the capillary extension over the natural strands blocks its natural oiliness, leaving the strands drier at the tip and more oily on the scalp, which is why it is important to do an intense hydration every 15 days, you can use a capillary mask after washing your hair, leave it on for a few minutes and then remove it with cold water. Nourishment should be applied away from the hair extension glue to avoid damage to the junction between the natural hair and the extension;

  9. Time to renew - every two or three months you should renew the capillary extension. It is necessary to take a break of at least 24 hours between removing the hair and placing the next extension. Because the scalp needs to breathe, otherwise it can even harm the natural growth of strands. On the break, hydrate to strengthen your hair.

With the care taught by the professional who deals with hair extension application, changing the look and upgrading the image is simple. Hair frames the face and beautiful hair makes for an amazing look.

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