Understand the soft and hard skills to be successful in your beauty salon, as professionals suitable for specific functions can leverage a business. This is a recipe for success!

Hard Skills are measurable and identifiable. Are usually skills that are placed on the curriculum, that can be proven with certificates and diplomas.

Soft Skills are not so easy to identify, they are mental, emotional and behavioral skills, such as: good communication, creativity, proactivity, sense of leadership, etc. 

A hard skill can be learned, while a soft skill can be developed.

A beauty salon that offers hair extension service must have some special skills of both types (hard and soft), let's exemplify:

1. Hard Skills

  • Understand team management - there are courses to learn how to manage your salon, to master process management tools and time and people management. In this way, be able to improve productivity and quality of service;
  • Know brands, products and hair extension techniques - research the types of hair, materials and ways to apply them. It is important to dedicate yourself to studying the topics you want to learn;
  • Take courses - to perfect yourself in the art of applying hair extension using different techniques, including handling instruments;
  • Make use of technology when possible - regardless of the area of ​​expertise, it is essential to have computer knowledge. Try to always be recycling.

2. Soft Skills

  • Develop the ability to listen to your client, have empathy;
  • Do trainings that promote emotional intelligence and work on self-knowledge;
  • Be humble to accept your own mistakes and be able to transform;
  • Manage stress, do not let yourself be emotionally shaken, for example, when the customer complains about a service or customer service;
  • Learning to deal with unforeseen circumstances, to be flexible;
  • Develop a sense of leadership and the power of persuasion;
  • Improve communication, be able to express yourself clearly and genuinely;
  • Have punctuality;
  • Seek to always be up to date in the area of ​​beauty.

The success of an enterprise does not depend only on having a good product or an excellent service, but also on the skills of its entrepreneurs, and the more they seek to obtain both types of skills (soft and hard), the more their business will be differentiated, especially in a very competitive market such as beauty, which is constantly changing and modernizing.

Do a self-analysis and understand what skills you have and which ones need to be developed for your salon to succeed and be a reference in this universe of hair extension.

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  • I need to develop leadership skills

    John M.
  • Glad I have all these skills :)


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