We are going to show you some important points that will keep your hair clients healthy, shiny and majestic, whether natural or hair extension.

  1. Although it is possible to color the hair extension, it is recommended that you do the dyeing before application and the best option is to buy the hair extension of the desired color, as it will have better results. After dyeing, hydration is required;

  2. Choose human hair extensions instead of synthetic hair, the result is more natural;

  3. Give your client advice on how she should take care of her hair from now on;

  4. For those who have oily hair or for those who have hair extensions, it is important to use specific shampoos and conditioners, as well as is crucial for hair health;

  5. Both the hair extension and natural hair must be combed carefully; avoid pulling the strands because it can cause hair loss. Separate the hair into sections and comb one at a time;

  6. Another element harmful to natural hair and extensions is chlorine and heat; in addition to dryness, it can change the color, and in the case of extensions, it also affects durability. So don't forget to give this tip to your clients;

  7. Hydration and more hydration - it is essential for any hair; in addition to making it difficult to tangle the hair, it maintains the moisture and health of the wires.

Types of hair extension treatments

And if your client wants to combine treatment with a hair extension, do you have questions about how to proceed? So, we are here to help you with some golden tips:

  • Keratin Treatment - it is preferable to do keratin before applying the hair extension and put on an already straight extension. It's necessary to be very careful and observe the hair extension method to do it correctly and not close to the scalp (one centimeter from the root). For those who have wavy or curly hair, do the straightening before applying the hair extension and try to wait a few days to apply or wash the hair at least 3 times;

  • Highlight Treatment - if your client wants highlights without damaging her strands, the solution is hair extensions. Choose a hair extension that has the same color as the ends of your client's hair and prepare it with keratin before applying it to the client's hair and do the fusion technique;

  • Hidratação Treatment - Hydration and nutrition are essential procedures that must be intensified with hair extension - as hair extension is not connected to the scalp, it does not receive nutrients and, therefore, the extension must be hydrated and nourished to restore nutrients and water that the wires lose with everyday aggressions. It's necessary to wash the scalp regularly with shampoo and seal the strands with conditioner and hydration masks to enhance the result.

Both natural hair and hair extensions need care; almost all procedures used for natural hair can be indicated for extensions.

It is not a complex task to have beautiful and healthy hair, whether natural or hair extensions; however, it is necessary to have some care. We hope this post will help you take care of your customers' hair strands and that they will be delighted with the result!

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