Firstly, hair has always been a reason for prominence and attention throughout history. Today there is no difficulty in keeping your hair impeccable, as the industry develops every year and improves to offer products that care for, treat and prevent problems that can affect the hair's health. Also, there are hair extensions nowadays.

Besides, long hair was always very desired; it symbolized power and wealth. And it wasn't just a matter of aesthetics; it also demonstrated sensuality and fertility.

Moreover, in Ancient Greece, the great representative of love, beauty, fertility, and desire was Aphrodite - the goddess of beauty who had a strong feature: long hair that covered nudity. Cleopatra, a beauty reference, also had long, beautiful black hair. 

Historically, we find reports of men wearing long hair, representing masculinity, dominance, and strength. For example, one of the most famous was Samson; he was gifted with an extraordinary force that came from his long hair that had never been cut and, therefore, Samson was destined to save the people of Israel from the power of the Philistines.

Both the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and European nobles wore wigs to distinguish their socioeconomic status. In the 17th century, the fashion began with Louis XIV, who wanted to hide his baldness, and then all the rest of the nobility adopted the practice. 

In the 18th century, men abandoned long hair; from the 20th century, fashion returned to the use of the tuft. Today, in the 21st century, the concern with image brings fashions from the past with variations, clothes, and modern techniques.

According to the possibilities and cultures of each time and place, stretching has its peculiarities. The Japanese relate to nobility and use long hair as an amulet against bad things.

In many tribes, different types of haircuts represent various roles and social positions.

People use and have used hair extensions or wigs to lengthen their hair for many reasons: 

  • To represent your social position - when hair was associated with the elite;

  • To hide baldness due to natural causes or as a solution founded by ancient Egyptians who shaved their hair due to lice outbreaks;

  • For vanity and aesthetics;

  • To compose a character, build an image like celebrities and artists;

  • By people who suffer hair loss, have few strands, or because hair takes time to grow;

  • Or for cancer patients who lost their hair in medical treatment such as chemotherapy and need to improve their self-esteem.

Overall, there are countless reasons why people seek to have wonderful hair; movies, music, and television celebrities from all over the world use techniques that make hair extensions imperceptible bringing a natural look and stunning appearance. 

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