Spring is the season of flowers and sun, the heat asks you to take care of natural hair and hair extensions are no different. It's important to use products that contain protection against UV rays, in addition to being concerned about hydration.

Summer, like spring, brings heat, so care must be redoubled. Extensions should be treated in the same way as natural hair. Do not leave hair extensions immersed in water for a long time, so dry your hair immediately after leaving the pool or sea.

With the hot weather, there is a greater frequency at the beach and pool as well. So, some special hair extensions care during spring and summer are:

  • Wash properly;

  • It's important to use leave-in before pool or sea;

  • It's also important not sleep with wet hair, especially the roots;

  • Hydrate with products suitable for the type of hair;

  • Have hair extension serviced by a professional whenever possible.

In Autumn, it's time to recover damaged hair in the summer, in addition to protecting them from the cold, which can dry them out even more.

Winter, as in autumn, the same damage occurs. Using hair extensions in these colder seasons helps protect the head from the cold, preventing health problems.

And reinforcing, in these two seasons, care with hair extensions should be intensified, as many people use very hot water, which can remove the natural oil from the scalp.

Therefore, here are some tips to hair extensions care during autumn and winter:

  • Wash the hair with warm water, because too hot water leaves the strands dry and can damage the hair extension;

  • Use creams and shampoos that do not strip the keratin glue from hair extensions;

  • It's important to do periodic maintenance;

  • If you are going to use a hairdryer or straightening iron on hair extensions, it is necessary to use protective creams, as they prevent the heat from drying out the hair;

  • Use products with oxidizing and regenerative action that help protect and recover from damage caused by the cold of autumn and winter or the heat of dryers and boards.

The hair extension has everything to look amazing, but it's important to understand the care you must have to look amazing all year round. Each season requires its care, so take advantage of our tips.

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