The beauty market is constantly changing, so it is necessary to study and update your techniques. In addition to courses, it is essential to be aware of trends in your field of activity. Therefore, we bring you some trends for those who work with hair extensions.

Colored hair extensions

The first trend can be used on a very fun date that is approaching - Halloween. We are talking about colored hair, widely used by celebrities who appreciate being constantly transforming their look and, at the same time, launching fashion and being imitated by their fans.

Colored hair extensions allow you to build multiple characters and create a personal style. Many people want to show their personality to social media and are inspired by the ideas that are put forward by artists and people who have influence or importance on social media. 

Extension with bangs

The second big trend that is making waves among famous people is the hair extension with bangs. Kendall Jenner (American model, businesswoman and television personality, known for the reality show"Keeping Up with the Kardashians") has already bet on hair extensions with bangs and her client can also make use of this type of hair extension.

You can offer your consumer another possibility of transformation using the application of a fringe extension. Short, long, irregular, curly or V-shaped bangs, choose the one that best matches your client's hair and face.

Curly hair extensions

Hair aesthetic professionals can create new techniques and offer different options for their clients, including the application of curly hair, which offers a glamorous image.

Curly hair is on the rise, we see more and more celebrities taking their hair as it is and displaying a majestic look, leading many people to adhere to wavy hair extensions. Curls offer more volume and create amazing looks.

Bob or shaggy hair extensions

The bob hair is a more modern version of the traditional chanel haircut and the shaggy hair is a layered cut and slashed at the front. Even these types of shorter cuts can be done with the hair extension. Especially for those people who have hair with little volume or fine and straight hair and who appreciate a modern cut in line with trends. An expert can offer these alternatives that match different face styles and shapes.

Trends are a guideline to succeed in business, they anticipate what will soon be used by people. And they allow you to align your products or services with the desires of most people.

Inform yourself, research, study and create for your customers, magnificent visuals with the various possibilities of hair extension.

Which of these 4 hair extension trends did you like the most? Share with us!

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