There are several types of hair extensions, and it requires some care to keep them healthy and beautiful:

  • Brushing - it is necessary to brush daily in the morning and at night with a special brush, with two layers: of nylon fibers and of boar bristles, it works together, that is, the boar bristles smooth the threads and the nylon fibers facilitate penetration of the brush into the locks, untangling the strands. It is necessary to brush to the root region to avoid tangling the hair, in addition this special brush massages the scalp. When brushing your hair, do it towards the ends of your extensions in a downward motion;
  • Washing - washing the extensions should be gentle. It is not recommended to rub too much, apply a bit of shampoo on the scalp, distribute evenly throughout the extension and rinse well, especially in the root area, avoid putting conditioner on the connections as they weaken the connections. As important as knowing how to wash is to use appropriate products, the best shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions is the same used for dyed hair, they must be free of sulfates.

The shampoo components that have the ability to promote cleaning and remove sebum are sulfates, however, this product can leave hair dry, so it is not recommended to use this type of shampoo in extensions. After rinsing, it is important to completely dry the hair with a dryer or in the open air, they should not be damp;

Hair extension hydration

It's crucial that extensions receive additional nutrition, so they stay hydrated at all times. There are many products that promote the growth and regeneration of natural wires and keep the extensions silky, the treatment products are:

  • Hair masks that penetrate deeper into the strands than the conditioner, use at least once a week, restoring the strands from the inside out;

  • Leave-in conditioners help to detangle hair, leaving it smoother;

  • The thermal protector protects against drying of the hair, even more if constant use of dryers and flat irons is made. Therefore, it is essential that, from time to time, you take a break from the use of heat;

  • Moisturizing oils, such as: argan, coconut and macadamia oil should also be part of the care with extensions. This way, you avoid the formation of split ends and to keep hair shiny and smooth;

  • Hairspray should be used to maintain the hairstyle.

Sleeping with the extensions 

Extensions should be fastened at bedtime. This prevents you from pulling them out while sleeping, as it is highly recommended to keep the extensions dry, do not sleep with them wet. There are a few ways to tie your hair for bed: make it a low ponytail or a braid.

A fashion trend that is growing more and more is hair extensions, it may be because many influencers and celebrities are using this product and, like all hair, whether natural or hair extension, it is as beautiful as the care you have with it. Good products, hydration, and a good professional can leave your hair healthy and looking wonderful!

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