Your beauty salon needs to be within the market trends and it is also important to take advantage of the commemorative dates to position your business, increase the number of customers and revenue. Therefore, we present 12 ideas for you to enjoy the holidays for your salon:

  1. Make a special decoration in your beauty salon - depending on the date (Christmas, Halloween, Mother's Day, etc.), decorate your space and even offer souvenirs with the theme, with a message and with your contact;

  2. Offer gift cards - so that your client can enjoy it on the date they choose and return to your salon, it can be a product or a service of your enterprise or of a partner or supplier;

  3. Offer a themed gift - take advantage of commemorative dates (Friend's Day, Grandparents' Day, Halloween, etc). In this action, also, write a message, signed with your contact;

  4. Give treats and surprise boxes decorated - with the party's theme with samples of products from your salon;

  5. Make a special promotion - put together combos that relate to the theme of the special date and with irresistible prices;

  6. Advertise your offers for the holidays - communicate on your social networks, on your website and/or blog, make a video for YouTube (or other video platforms) and partner with influencers to communicate with your customers;

  7. Carry out social actions and projects - related to special dates and involving customers, exchange or offer discounts on products and services for items for donation;

  8. Prepare a cocktail with appetizers and decorations - related to the theme of the special date, give preferences to suppliers in your locality that are well known to bring publicity to your salon;

  9. Apply free products and/or services to your customer - choose specific days related to the special date, for example: on Mother's Day, offer it to your customers' mothers, or on Friend's Day, allow your customer to bring a friend to earn a product or service for free;

  10. Build spaces to highlight each special date - and give gifts with the theme in question, for example:

    - In the month of May - separate spaces and services for brides;
    - In the month of october - get involved in the pink october campaign;

  11. Bring experts to your salon to educate - inform and offer relevant content to your clients:

    - Nutritionist with good nutrition tips;
    - Makeup artist with teachings on how to apply makeup;
    - Coach or psychologist to talk about self-esteem;
    - Beauticians with instructions for skin or hair care;
    - Or to partner with professionals from other niches, bringing advantages to both;

  12. Organize themed parties in your salon - with or without costume and a tour of the service spaces and the exhibition of your products. In addition to providing a fun time for your customers, they can help spread the word by posting on their social media. 

It is important to pay attention to the stock and the team for the demand of the festive moments. Engage your employees in both educational and fun occasions. Observe the details to leave your customers perplexed and satisfied, so commit to cleaning, beauty, decoration and personalization of your professional space.

Festive moments strengthen the bonds between you, your customers, your suppliers, your partners and also between all of them. Creating bonds adds value and allows everyone to feel valued, facilitating the loyalty of your audience.

Organize your events with care and in advance so that everything goes perfectly.

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