When a beauty salon offers the Hair Extension service, it has many benefits and adds several services to your establishment.

There is great competition in the industry of beauty, so every differential that your salon can offer is one of the keys to success for your venture.

Therefore, we bring you 10 reasons for your salon to offer hair extensions:

1° Currently the hair extension service is on the rise and has a huge demand for it. Why not take advantage of this trend?

2° Related to the first item, if you stop offering the hair extension service, your customers will look for your competitors.

3° There are hair extensions for different prices. You can offer hair that is more affordable and it has very good quality, and, if your service is impeccable, the customer won't complain about the price.

4° There are several added services when you offer hair extensions to your customers, such as: hydration, coloring, maintenance, in addition to the products they will purchase at your salon.

5° If you are a good professional, who keeps up-to-date and research, there is the possibility of offering courses for small salons and teaching your techniques of applying hair extensions.

6° By offering a product in high demand, you are putting your salon in the spotlight and promoting your services to a greater number of customers.

7° You will be able to assemble combos of services and products related to hair extensions and thus sell them at more attractive prices for your customers, increasing the sales volume of your business.

8° It is still possible to retain customers with tickets, cashbacks and bring them back to your establishment.

9° The hair extension market, like any procedure that increases self-esteem, has had a high turnover, in 2012, it was around R$ 18 million and by the end of 2022 it will grow 50%.

10° In addition to the great revenue with the application of hair extension, there is a huge profit from the sale of hair.

The elements responsible for the growth of the hair extension market

Hair extension has been gaining more and more space in the beauty world and we can list some elements that are responsible for this growth:

  • The great feature of today's society is the quick and visual changes, and the capillary extension has this property;

  • Because it is versatile and many celebrities, who constantly change their image, composing characters or creating styles, have been looking for hair extensions;

  • Before, the demand was for hair extensions with long length and smooth texture, now, it includes curly and curly extensions. Also, increasing the sale of these products and services.

The diversity of products and techniques allows you to easily create new looks, which is an advantage in the world of beauty and in a world in constant movement and transformation.

You understand that offering the hair extension service in your salon has only advantages, so be sure to check out Di Milesi's Site for the best quality products.

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