November is here, Black Friday season, and with incredible discounts on products or services. Do you know how to take use this opportunity for your salon?

Business owners should take advantage of the volume of sales that this date brings to the market, as many consumers await Black Friday to purchase items and services.

Here's how to take advantage of Black Friday to increase the number of customers in your salon and your revenue:

General Tips

  1. Assess the market  and your competition's prices;
  2. Create early digital marketing actions at all sales stages;
  3. Create strategies for social networks, for the website and invest in paid ads;
  4. Define which products and services will have discounts;
  5. Have a larger stock of products and services (evaluate the number of employees, the need for new hires and training);
  6. Analyze the logistics for the storage and delivery of products;
  7. Offer real promotions and discounts;
  8. Create a sense of urgency for your customer;
  9. Offer multiple payment methods and integrated sales channels.

Special Tips

  1. Choose the products (shampoos, creams, hair extensions, etc.) or services that attract the most attention in your salon;
  2. Create combos: services combined with discounts on the full amount or offer freebies when purchasing them;
  3. Create special packages with special prices, so that the customer can choose the products in the package;
  4. Launch products or services at this time as a way to promote them to customers;
  5. Offer cashbacks in the form of credits to spend on services or products, it is efficient to build customer loyalty and bring them back to your salon.

Final Tips

This is a great opportunity to leverage your sales and for customers to get great discounts on products and services.


  • Plan ahead;
  • Think about what products and services you can offer that are attractive to your customers;
  • Think about ways you could attract new customers or retain old ones with the tips we offer;
  • Regarding the products, try to make an agreement with the suppliers, in order to obtain lower values ​​and, then, be able to assemble combos and packages with more attractive prices;
  • Verbalize additional services or discounts within the packages to customers, showing the advantages offered and the value of products and services;
  • Also think about offering an extended Black Friday, that is, offer three, four days or a whole week of discounts and promotions to boost your sales.

Finally, prepare your beauty salon for Black Friday, extend the opening hours if possible, take care of the decoration and serve appetizers and snacks.

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