Who doesn't want amazing hair? And to achieve them, hair extensions fulfill this role very well.

Therefore, be sure to know the goals of users and professionals in 2023 for hair extensions.

As we have already seen, hair extension is a big trend nowadays; artists use this resource as a practical and quick way to change their looks.

The hairdresser specializing in this service will add significant revenue ​​to their salon. Knowing the theories and practices of hair extension application makes a lot of difference among professionals in this area.

Goals in 2023 regarding hair extensions

We have divided the goals for professionals and users of hair extensions, intending to effectively take advantage of this beautiful resource that is so popular.

So for those:

1. Professionals - for this group, the goals should be to update and specialize in offering this service. Try to find out about the theoretical-practical courses available on the market and the contents that are taught, including:

  • The different hair extension techniques, advantages, and disadvantages of each type;
  • The analysis of capillary structures that will be used on clients and also of the natural hair where the capillary extensions will be applied;
  • The preparation of users' hair to receive the extension;
  • Finishing, maintenance, washing, cutting, and brushing techniques;
  • Mega hair customization ways - alignment with 2023 trends.

2. Users - for clients, the goals should be to learn how to care for hair extensions, which are:

  • Prewash - before washing, to eliminate excess dirt, you need to know how to brush, starting at the ends and then down the length, with a brush designed for hair extensions;
  • When washing - you must adjust the water temperature - from lukewarm to cold as hot water dries out the hair. Wash from the roots to the ends without tangling too much, and use shampoos designed for hair extensions;
  • When rinsing - you should not rub; the water drain, running your fingers through the hair. Remove shampoo without leaving residue;
  • It's the turn of the conditioner - which should hydrate, regulate the pH and close the hair scales. Do not use products at the root of hair lengthening;
  • On drying:
    • With the dryer: do not leave it too hot and use it at a distance of 15 cm from the hair;
    • With the flat iron: use three fingers from the union of the natural hair with the extension;
    • With the towel: use a very soft one, pressing the ends, and do not roll the extensions up because it breaks the threads.
  • Brushing - must be done in an upward direction (from the ends to the root) with double-ended and flexible brushes;
  • At the finish - use products such as:
    • Leave-in after washing to detangle more easily;
    • End repair enriched with natural oils pr and prevents split ends formation.
  • Other learnings:
    • Hydrate the length and frequently ends, never the base;
    • Do not sleep with wet hair;
    • Gather your hair in a braid or ponytail to avoid tangles - for bed or to wear to the pool or beach;
    • You can use a protective cream against the aggression of the sun's rays.

Artists are constantly transforming and innovating the look. They influence fashion and are followed by many people.

The great desire for voluminous hair has made hair extension techniques increasingly popular. Because in addition to building a spectacular image, long hair allows anyone to constantly and quickly transform.

Hair extensions can be made with different finishes and materials, which is why we have set goals for professionals and their clients for 2023.

Follow our tips and seek knowledge in ​​hair extension if you intend to use it or apply it in your salon.

Transform and live 2023 with lots of beauty and joy!

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