The last two years accelerated the movements that humanity had been making, freedom was in evidence and dictated the trends for 2023.

Salon professionals embraced these trends that are based on freedom, creativity and chose different haircuts, styles and colors.

Likewise, hair extension specialists have drawn on these guides.

For this reason, in the coming months we will see many innovations in the field of hair extensions, many reinterpretations of cuts and the return of incredible hairstyles.

In 2023, to improve the look, the professional who works with hair extensions will offer options for light, modern looks that, above all, show the personality of each one.

1° The trend is for hair that values ​​movement. Hairdressers will feature extensions with bangs layered on top of the head and long spikes.

2° The 2023 hit also values ​​the freedom of the strands, experts bet on rounder layers, forming a U-shaped hair and ensuring more movement.

3° Curly and frizzy hair will continue to be on the rise, layered hair extensions will ensure much more movement for these types of hair.

4° The butterfly cut brings the trend of applying layered hair extensions that resemble butterfly wings. It is huge bangs parted in the middle and always thrown in big waves to the sides. Reinforcing the idea of ​​the movement of the threads and the feeling of freedom.

5° The colors will also be in hair extensions, following the trends of 2023:

  • Illuminated brunette - these are points of light around the face two or three tones lighter than the rest of the strands;
  • Golden blonde - these are highlights pulled into honey and caramel;
  • Brownish red - with burgundy tones;
  • Platinum and gray - reinforcing the silver tones as an expression of personality.

6° The hairstyles that are made with hair extensions follow the styles of the great fashion shows, such as:

  • The very long, flowing hair seen at the Versace show;
  • The Barbiecore trend coming from the movie Barbie (out this year). It is a wide ponytail starting from the top of the head and covering the entire back. A hair extension attached to the back of the head can only be used;
  • Messy buns are also all the rage in 2023;
  • Braids of all kinds: embedded or not, in pairs or alone, in straight, curly or wavy hair extensions. The important thing is to reflect the individuality and personality of each one.

The only rule that will prevail in beauty salons is that of freedom and expression of individuality.

Professionals who apply hair extensions are in tune with hair trends in 2023 to make their clients more modern and beautiful.

As we have seen, the movement is on the rise to offer the feeling of freedom and hairstyles and colors to set the tone of personality.

Comment here, what trends will you use this year in your salon?

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