Celebrities endorse the sensational curly hair trend. The pandemic launched several trends, and many people assumed curly hair.

Celebrities and curly hair

Hairstylists are professionals in great demand by artists, as they often need to compose a character or build an image to present themselves in public and the invasion of curly hair in the universe of stars is the great trend sought by clients of beauty salons.

Singer and actress Rihanna is one of the celebrities who adopted curly hair and was approved by her fans.

is another artist with wave hair, which had great approval from fans.

On stage or in the movies,
Jennifer Lopez appeared several times with glamorous curls and was admired by fans.


Beyoncé is a celebrity that constantly transforms, especially in her hair; she has already performed with a long curly look with enormous and powerful volume.

However, in order to achieve stunning curls, it is necessary to take different precautions, as wavy hair tends to be more sensitive and dry, so hydration is essential.

A good capillary schedule is essential: hydration, reconstruction, and nutrition will leave the shape of the strands more structured, offering a perfect look.

You should use the right products for each hair type and monitor the humidity to control frizz and define curls.


Tips from the Pros

Tips from a good salon professional will make curly or wavy hair stunning:

  1. Wash the wires at room temperature;
  2. Use tinctures that have moisturizers if you want to dye the hair;
  3. Adopt a balanced diet to nourish the hair;
  4. Use specific products: salt-free shampoo and conditioners;
  5. Comb damp hair with combing cream;
  6. Massage the scalp;
  7. Let the hair dry naturally and finish with moisturizing gel and sag spray;
  8. Trim ends frequently.

Get Inspired by Celebrities

Get inspired by celebrities and copy the hairstyles they sport:

  • Slightly curly hair;
  • Crimped curls;
  • Curly fringes;
  • Post braid locks;
  • Loose curls;
  • Curly bun;
  • Gradient cu;
  • Asymmetrical hair (one end longer than the other).

There are many ways to get an amazing look with curly hair.

It's a challenge to cut curly hair, so having a specialized professional is essential; will respect each client's biotype: face shape, head size, type, and amount of strands.

For a long time, people sought to straighten their curly hair. Gradually, fashion incorporated and admired wavy curls.

It's time to take advantage of this celebrity-approved trend and go wild with ways to wear curly hair. Come and see our extensions for curly hair here.


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