Anyone who works in a beauty salon has often heard that more mature women shouldn't wear long hair, much less hair extensions, because it's not a suitable look for them after 40.

Women have questioned and challenged limiting ideas, including the idea of ​​being able to have long hair at any age.

The world has changed and, today, people can wear whatever they want or feel good about.

The current moment says that age does not define patterns of behavior or hairstyle.

This is the time for freedom, for changing the rules, including those that associated long hair with youth.

Even those people who do not have a large volume of hair or who have lost many strands due to hormonal issues or other factors, can use hair extensions and take advantage of the power and femininity of long hair, showing the natural beauty of maturity.

Hair care specialists can help their clients, who have already entered the mature age, to wear long hair or hair extensions so that they look more beautiful and stylish.

The hairstylist can guide them regarding the type of extension to be applied, so that it harmonizes with the lifestyle and biotype of the more mature woman, even if she needs to pay special attention to her hair after menopause, due to hormonal declines, which can affect: color (hair bleaching), quantity, thickness and nutrition of strands.

Hair extension is the ally of the woman who wants to have long, healthy looking hair and get beautiful results.

Increasingly, women over 40 are adopting long strands, according to specialists in hair extension, more mature women have invested in the technique because many have thinner hair, due to hormonal issues or simply because they like hair long and voluminous and could not have due to their genetics.


Therefore, hairstylists, based on their experiences, offer some tips for their more mature clients:

1. Always be up to date with medical consultations and a good nutritionist, because when hormonal problems appear, caused by menopause, you can meet the body's needs, such as taking vitamins or other nutrients that the woman is deficient in. Because it is known that the health of the hair is dependent on general health and healthy hair is a good base to apply hair extensions.

2. Carry out maintenance with a qualified professional who specializes in the technique, as he knows how to maintain it, whether it be changing strands, moisturizing, among other things. The periodicity for maintenance will be guided by the specialist, normally it is advisable to do it between 45 to 60 days.

3. With regard to gray hair, during the pandemic, due to social isolation, many women chose to leave their hair in its natural color and the more mature ones, who have gray hair and who want to put on hair extensions, should take advantage of the professional's experience , as it is very difficult to find quality, completely white hair.

Therefore, there is no need to limit the dreams of your clients, who have always wanted to have voluminous and long hair. If they feel good, they don't have to be bound by the old rules that made women of a certain age cut their hair very short, especially because it was easier to care for.

Today, everything has changed, there are many resources to the most mature women to have the hair they always dreamed of and without being forced to follow the standards determined by retrograde societies. They can wear whatever length and color they want and you can help them.


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